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Essay on Modernism Brought Much Change into the World

Modernism or modernist poetry refers to the time period where poems were written by various people between the 1890s and 1970s. Modernism poets have a lot of knowledge and their works reflect it. The Era of modernism brought on modern language as it referred to thought, practice or someone’s character. This brought on a lot of change in the world. The thought behind the thinking of modernist poets were that of individualism. The modern movement came about as the result of the industrial revolution. This was during a time were most people were moving out of the rural farm areas and began moving into cities around more people. The advancement in technology also played a big part in the modern movement. During this time new factories were†¦show more content†¦This was a time were a lot of black poets were emerging. Hughes believed that everyone under the same race could live together, which became a downfall during this time. People did not want to hear about someone and their poems on Negro America. Hughes still went on and made very famous works that are still and will forever be popular. His poems mostly follow the guideline of being a modern writer, having a main subject line and comparing everyday living to living in the city. A good example from Langston Hughes giving a modernist perspective in a poem is his poem Mother to Son. In this poem Langston is describing to her small son on how not to be. In this poem there is only one subject, common black music traditions and the realistic life of an African American family in the twentieth century. He used this poem to respond to the tension that had been set in the world as far as race. In this poem he created a clear vibrant explanation on life. Mother to Son also presents a clear-cut subject matter which lays out the mother’s life and sadness to her son by writing such lines as: â€Å"Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the floor, Bare†. This showed Hughes’ understanding of human individuality in respect to African Americans. Being a black writer back then in a white society was not east but he influenced and remains positive throu ghout hisShow MoreRelatedModernism and Art1604 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Modernism Typified Tradition Rejection Modernism is typified by rejection of tradition. Modernism is a present-state undertaking that comes with subsequent changes brought by innovation and change of approaches in production and thought. Traditions as the past lifestyle and activity cannot be at the stand with new and modern approaches of relaying similar activities and solutions. The challenges brought by the environment have changed urgency of approach and perception of ideas in the worldRead MoreThe Era Of Modernism : What People Do People Perceive Through Their Perceptions?945 Words   |  4 Pagesillustrating† (Modernism). Just as Jackson Pollock had been saying, modern art has a peculiar way of being perceived. Just as importantly as reading modern literature, the writing in such an art shows that reality is what people perceive through their perceptions. The era of Modernism was a time of great progression and innovation that set the foundation for the present day literature, redefining how readers read and writers wrote literature. During the earlier years of Modernism, T.S. Eliot, VirginiaRead MoreThe Literary Modernism Time Period1435 Words   |  6 Pages The literary modernism time period was a movement in literature that started in the early 1890s and was very eventful. During this era there were many considerable events taking place such as The Great War (also known as â€Å"World War One†), which started in 1914. This War lasted for four years and finally ended in 1918, but its effects lasted much longer. The financial instability of Europe and death caused by this First World War gave people a sense of patriotism that unified them. It made peopleRead MoreImpact Of Technology And Design On Modernisation Of Melbourne During The Interwar Period Of 1919-19391617 Words   |  7 Pagespast. However modernism may have many meanings, but it largely expresses the design movement within the 20th century, in how aspects of design has been influenced by many cultures and these ideas have then been brought into consideration when the designer embarks on their own design journey. Moving onto the postmodernism era, it was considered as â€Å"less is a bore† where households would clutter up their homes with ornaments and a lot of handmade bulky furniture whereas when modernism came into playRead MoreModernism And Its Impact On Society1347 Words   |  6 Pages Modernism Readings Introduction Modernism began in the late 19th century and early 20th century, characterized by a large-scale change in the appearances of western society. Modernism was characterized by innovations, new ideologies, and a sense of freedom from many traditional cultures. However, the era was also characterized by bottled up tension. People were uneasy with the social order, and it led to uproar and insurgency as the order of the day (Pucher, Akbarri and Denecke 43). The insurgencyRead MoreModernism And Its Impact On Art And Architecture1536 Words   |  7 Pages†¢ Modernism in oxford dictionary is defined as â€Å"A style or movement in the arts that aims to depart significantly from classical and traditional forms.† While this explanation defines modernism in design and architecture very clearly, roots of modernism are deeper. The movement of modernism has affected arts and design forever. Modernism was a start for designers to move forward and start making necessary changes to the ir pieces. As discussed before during the module a design needs to be functionalRead MoreAnalysis Of Ode On Melancholy By John Keats970 Words   |  4 Pagesideas of Modernists. In the art world there are two movements that demonstrate change, which are Romanticism and Modernism. The artists that demonstrate Romanticism include Washington Irving, William Wordsworth, John Keats, and Caspar Friedrich. The artists that demonstrate Modernism include Erich Remarque, E.E. Cummings, Claude Monet, and T.S. Eliot; some represent both movements such as Robert Frost. Romanticism emphasizes verbose descriptions and form, while Modernism emphasis function and RealismRead MoreModernism : Modernism And Modernism901 Words   |  4 Pagesmoving from Modernism to Postmodernism. Modernism s birth is somewhat controversial but our text puts it at 1910. Paul Cezanne, who was closely tied with Cubism, has been credited as one of the fathers of Modernism. A lot was changing during this period which produced a slew of new styles such as, Post Impressionism, Symbolism, and Surrealism to name a few. Modernism thrived from the early 20th century until the period denoted by World War II at which point it fell out of favor. Modernism was characterizedRead MoreThe Rites Of Spring By A Modris Ekstein1527 Words   |  7 Pagesduring the war. This literary work is based on the Ekstein’s claims about modernisms influence in the cause of World War 1. He divides the book into the acts similar to the play in that is the books namesake. Throughout this work, Ekstein argues that the ideology of modernism, which is primarily concerned with â€Å"introspection, death, emancipation, primitivism, abstraction, movement, and the creation of myths†; in the modern world, has mixed art and life and made aesthetics more important than previousRead MoreModernism In The Great Gatsby1728 Words   |  7 Pages Modernism in The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a novel by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows the story of Jay Gatsby in the Jazz Age of the United States. Although this novel tells a fictional tale, it also gives readers a window into the social and economic environment of America in the time period following World War I. For this reason, The Great Gatsby is considered one of the most important examples of Modernism in American literature. The Modernist themes in this novel come

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Character Analysis Of Heart Of Darkness - 1983 Words

Joseph Conrad’s novella, Heart of Darkness, examines the mysterious Kurtz, and his struggling journey in which his psyche tries to maintain its state after transferring into a different and more mysterious environment. This change to the jungle from Europe altered the limits of his mind, causing his old European identity to be mutated. In accordance with this, his inner shadow battles to reveal his true self – a distinctive character itself that, being influenced by the ominous wild, exposes his innate desires. Kurtz before his journey into Africa, gets tempted by the fortune that could be made from ivory; although, during his settlement in the wilderness, his nature undergoes a fluctuation – a change that not only causes his psyche to†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, he tries to repress his illness due to having the concrete mentality that nothing should stop him from gaining more assets. Ultimately, Kurtz’s mind is a product of the violent mixt ure of rapacity and righteousness, and therefore has difficulties in balancing out and maintaining a solid identity. Throughout Heart of Darkness, Conrad is able to portray the consequence of preserving a vulnerable self-identity through the use of the enigmatic Kurtz, and how he approaches different opportunities presented to him. By implementing Kurtz’s interactions in the jungle, Conrad also suggests becoming aware of one’s own shadow; by meeting it can one not only learn the inversed aspect of themselves, but they can also control their own psychological limits. Unlike what Kurtz did during his mid-life, it is essential to achieve totality of the human mind for one to acquire an intact self-identity. Heart of Darkness takes place around the nineteenth century– a time when explorers from the British Empire targeted Africa for colonization and trade through processes of invasion such as the Scramble for Africa. Additionally, Africa was not fully mapped at this point in time. Some of the main reasons that drove navigators to explore were to obtain gold, spread religion, and gain glory. Also at this time, most of the explorers had little to no sympathy towards the indigenous peoples – they were self-centered. Their ideas and policies were usually of no interest to those ofShow MoreRelatedHeart Of Darkness Character Analysis977 Words   |  4 Pagescan conceive what a plaguing thing it is to have a man’s mind torn asunder by two projects of equal strength, both obstinately pulling in a contrary direction at the same time.† In the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad there are two characters whose minds are being torn in two. One of these characters is t he mysterious Kurtz. Kurtz is the commander of a trading post for a corrupt company who trades ivory. While he works for corrupt company and does disgusting things, he also has a set of moralsRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Heart Of Darkness1799 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Joseph Conrad’s 20th century novella, Heart of Darkness, explicates the disparity between the intrinsic nature of humans and the superficiality that one exudes to masquerade the primordial nature innate to all persons. Charlie Marlow’s expedition through the Congo River cultivates an opportunity for self-discovery as he realizes that the human spirit is capable of atrocities that one could not fathom; moreover, his empirical observations of European violence in Africa impels him to renounceRead MoreThings Fall Apart, And The Heart Of Darkness1518 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The following essay will contain a critical analysis of two passages from Things Fall Apart, and the Heart of Darkness. I will compare and contrast the narrative structure, the language used and the themes explored. Through this critical analysis, we can gain a better understanding of the two extracts, each one helping to illuminate the other. The passages I will be analysing are: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Page 124 Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, Page 116-117 Narrative Structure NarrativeRead MoreComparative Essay1096 Words   |  5 PagesComparative analysis: â€Å"Heart of Darkness† â€Å"Apocalypse Now† Student: Mora Vandenbroele Teacher: Azucena Estigarribia Year: 11th â€Å"A† â€Å"Heart of Darkness† vs. â€Å"Apocalypse Now† It is very interesting how humans are so intrigued about the evilness in the world, and the dedication of some men to compare Hell with the Earthly horror. Joseph Conrad, a genius writer, took his time to show this with his masterpiece â€Å"Heart of Darkness†Read MoreEssay about Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness794 Words   |  4 Pagessuggestive arguments when trying to dissect a piece of writing. Joseph Conrads novella Heart of Darkness offers the perfect platform for interpretation. With a dozen shades of foggy grays, the short story is begging for a set of eyes that can see it through. Without proceeding too far into the novella, one can draw out a great deal of analytical suggestions as to what the title itself implies. The word Darkness seems to be a consistent theme throughout the book. So much so, that the amount of weightRead MoreHeart of Darkness vs. Apocalypse Now Essay816 Words   |  4 Pages In Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, both Joseph Conrad a nd Francis Ford Coppola create similar statements through their creations as they both centralize their views upon the effects of environmental changes that affect the human condition. The film Apocalypse Now vaguely reflects a similar message pursued by Conrad’s novella, due to the difference in time period, place setting, and circumstances in which the film was created. Conrad wrote his novella during British colonization, focusingRead More Comparing Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness Essay1489 Words   |  6 PagesComparing Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness   Ã‚   In the opening scenes of the documentary film Hearts of Darkness-A Filmmakers Apocalypse, Eleanor Coppola describes her husband Franciss film, Apocalypse Now, as being loosely based on Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness. Indeed, loosely is the word; the period, setting, and circumstances of the film are totally different from those of the novella. Yet, a close analysis of character, plot, and theme in each respective work reveals thatRead MoreThe Journey In â€Å"Heart Of Darkness† Spans Not Only The Capricious1222 Words   |  5 PagesThe journey in â€Å"Heart of Darkness† spans not only the capricious waters extending our physical world, but also the perplexing ocean which exists in the heart of man. Through Marlow s somewhat overenthusiastic eyes, we perceive the mystery that is humanity, and the blurred line between darkness and light. It is an expedition into the deepest crevices of the human heart and mind bringing on an awareness, and finally descending into the abyss of hell abiding in each of us. Conrad’s use of wordplayRead MoreIn Search of the Unknown: Apocalypse Now1584 Words   |  6 PagesIn Search of the Unknown Apocalypse Now is a film based on the story Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad. By analyzing the book, the readers do not just understand the theme and plot of the story, but also makes readers look back in the 19th century Colonialism and see how the world worked under Imperialism. The movie, Apocalypse Now also correlates with the book, but this time the setting does not take place in the 19th century, but in the 20th century when United States was at war withRead MoreEthnocentrism: with Whom Resides the Heart of Darkness?790 Words   |  4 PagesEthnocentrism 1 Ethnocentrism With Whom Resides the Heart of Darkness? Antonio Arevalo James Campbell High School Ethnocentrism 2 Abstract This paper discusses Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrads most acclaimed novel, and attempts to determine what the heart of darkness that Conrad speaks of is. I found, through my interpretations, that the heart of darkness is the ethnocentrism that Europeans maintained in the age of colonialism. More specifically, this ethnocentrism brought

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Managing homeland security Free Essays

The US homeland security department was formed as a strategy to beef up homeland security following the enactment of the Homeland security Act of 2002.   This was in reaction to the increased terrorist attacks around the world and particularly because of the devastating September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.   The department of Homeland security is charged with the economies responsibility of mobilizing the nation for prevention of further terrorist attacks. We will write a custom essay sample on Managing homeland security or any similar topic only for you Order Now    This it does by providing a care unifying point for numerous organizations that ran parallel to ensuring sufficient homeland security. (Kemp, 2003). Notably, the DHS responsibilities are exceedingly important as well as challenging.   The men and women in this department rise daily to protect the citizens of America form visions terrorist attack.   They must therefore be guided by a clear framework to direct flier actions and this is provided in the department vision and mission statement.   For instance, the vision reads preserving out freedom, protecting America †¦we secure our homeland. The mission on the other hand reads â€Å"we will lead the unified national efforts to secure America.   We will prevent and deter terrorist attacks and protect against and respond to threats and hazards to the nation.   We will ensure safe and secure borders, welcome lawful immigrants and visitors and promote the free flow of commerce (   These strongly started missions provide a strong foundation and framework for building on the daily operations of this department. The vision and mission of the department set out the goals of the department which are also purposeful and clear, for example to identify and understand threats, to value to most valuable asset i.e. the people of America and so on.   Clearly, the mission and vision stamens of the DHS are crucial to the operations of the department and especially the human resources. The structure The department of Homeland security comprises of five directors namely, The directors of National protection and programs, The directorate of science and technology, The directorate of management, The office of policy and the office of health Affairs. The directorate of National Protection and programs is charged with the task of developing and implementing risk reduction approaches by putting in place an integrated and comprehensive view of cubing risk elements both physical and virtual.   If feel that this arm plays a crucial role since prevention is better than cure.   Risk reduction approach goes a long way to facilitating reduced terrorist attacks. The directorate of science and Technology primarily provides the federal and state officials with the technology and capabilities they may require to stay a head in the plight against terrorism.   This is a very important function of the department because seen as it is, the terrorist techniques get sophisticate by the day and with the directorate RD efforts, advanced technology to match or even surpass that of the terrorist gangs helps to reduce numerous attacks by detecting them early or reducing the magnitude of their effects. This I feel is very crucial to be department’s mission. The directing for management is equally important.   This is because it ensures that the budget is properly appropriated, adequate to fund the operations of the department which no doubt must be very costly.   These funds must be well managed and this is the function of the directorate of managements.   Additionally, other components such as the human resource, expenditure of funds, IT systems management, procurement of necessary materials and so on fall under the roles of this directorate. These functions although not directly connected to the actual capturing of terrorists contribute to the smooth running of the department. This is especially true when it comes to the  human resource.   I believe it is one of the most important functions of this department which entails the right people for the job. E.g. highly qualified, possess integrity, innovative as well as patriotic. The division of office of policy is just as pertinent as the other in the DHS. Although not well known to many, its main function is to formulate and coordinate policies within the department of homeland security.   I believe that the division in the DHS is crucial component in that it provides a focused centralized long range blue prints to the protection of the United States and its people. (Howard, James Moore, 2005). Also in line with the five directorates of the department of homeland security is the office of Health Affairs.   Much cannot be said about this department but of importance is the role it plays providing medical activities in instances where having medical background preparation may be called for.   Generally, this act to ensure that staff is well prepared to face challenges of a medical nature such as diseases like SARS, Bird flu and the rest which pose homeland insecurity. The US department of homeland security works in conjunction with the independent organizations such as the US coast guard which is a branch of the military whose duty is basically to conduct search and rescue mission as well as provide security assistance of a marine nature.   This organization is the smallest of all but none the less vital in ensuring maximum possible security to the American citizens, the environment us economy or any other security interest falling in the region meantime.   This organization seems most logical because it is impossible for the DHS to work alone in providing security to the whole of American. Not only that, division of labour or rather specialization ensures that the experts do their part to give maximum contribution to the security of America.   Beside since both organization have same mission where necessary at all times.   The other independent body that worked with the US department of security is the secret service.   This department has dual roles form providing security to correct retires of visiting leaders and conducting criminal investigations of a sensitive nature say money laundry, identity theft, computer based attacks and so on. Contrary to what most people believe, not the agency is misplaced in working with homeland security, I feel that its pretense is crucial to beefing security within American not only to the ‘who is who’ and their families but even the citizens of American.   This is because most terrorist attacks are funded from outside sources to internally based allies.   Tracking suspicious transfers could head the agency to exposing such suspicious transaction and ultimately lead to the crime that is not so far apart form terrorism or terrorist.   When the US secret service curbs these problems, they in part also curb problems and threats of terrorism. The five directorates are further made up smaller operate under the umbrella of the directorates.   For instance under the NPP directorates we have the offices of cyber security and communications, infrastructure protection (OIP) office of intergovernmental programs (IGP) office of Risk management and Analysis (RMA) and US Visit. These sub-divisions under the NNP directorate expand the breath of jurisdiction and duties of the department of homeland security.   In terms increasing preparedness for unexpected attacks, reassurance to the nation providing decision makers will information that is relevant and accurate when it is needed, developing integrated approach to homeland security right form grassroots, and so on. In my opinion, the department of homeland security is well organized, in a logical way of least.   The organization hierarchy is very clearly displayed in the deportment organization chart with the security at the top of the chart.   In support to this claim, the department has tried to be very comprehensive with almost all areas affecting security considered, for example, the legal aspects, health, financial management, technological, intelligence, citizenship, public affairs and policy and so on. Additionally, the department appoints commissioners and directors form other agencies such as the citizenship and migration services, customs and border protection, transport security, secret service, coast guard, federal emergency management Agency (FEMA) and immigration and customs enforcements. (   This only goes to show how well thought out the organization of the agency is. The inclusion of the afore mentioned agencies ensures that no loopholes are left uncovered i.e. right from detection of potential threats, prevention tacking of insecurity and swift and efficient disaster management in case of terrorist attacks or natural disaster strike. However, it is not hard to notice that one important agency is absent in the DHS organization i.e. the federal bureau of investigation.   It is alarming because these two should be closely interlinked because seen as it is they share comm. interest i.e. fighting crime, protection and conducting criminal investigations.   If they could work directly with the departments of Homeland security then perhaps the expertise on fighting insecurity and terrorist attack would be greater. References Department of Homeland Security. About the Department of Homeland Security Retrieved on October 27, 2007 from World Wide Web: FEMA. Introduction to Emergency Management Textbook, FEMA Higher Education Project. Retrieved on October 27, 2007 from World Wide Web: Howard, R.D., James J. Moore J. C. (2005). Homeland Security and Terrorism: Readings and Interpretations. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. Kemp R.L. (2003). Homeland Security: Best Practices for Local Government International City/County Management Association. How to cite Managing homeland security, Essay examples

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Sir Rich Arkwright Was Born On December 23, 1732 At Preston In The Cou Essay Example For Students

Sir Rich Arkwright Was Born On December 23, 1732 At Preston In The Cou Essay nty of Lancaster. His first profession was a barber in Bolron-le-moors in 1760. Soon afterward he traveled throught the country buying human hair. At that time he had a valuable chemical secret for dying the hair to make wigs out of. Arkwrights hair was commented to be the finest hair in the country. In 1761, Richard Arkwright married Margaret Biggins, and this marriage brought him to an aquaitance with Thomas Highs. Highs was probably one of the most important people Arkwright was to ever meet. He was the inventor of the spinning jenny and the water frame. Highs was behind the mechanical production of both of these machines, however he could now market his product due to lack of funding and ill communication skills. This is where Richard Arkwright comes in. Arkwright was highly skilled in dealing with business and other social aspects. Arkwright sought to obtain the water frame by less than friendly means. He contacted John Kay, a former employee of Highs, to turn brass for him. This was all part of a clever plot to get Kay to reveal the design of Highs water frame. Eventually, Arkwright succeded and Kay cunstructed a replica of the water frame, or otherwise known as throstle. Arkwright showed off the model to several people to seek financial aid. He eventually prevailed on Mr. Smalley to fund the project. In April of 1768 he hired Kay and took him along with him to Nottingham where he built a factory turned by horses. On July 3, 1769, he obtained a patent for spinning by rollers. By doing this, he solidified his hold over the water frame preventing Highs from ever gaining the immense profits made by the water frame. In 1771, Arkwright built another factory in Cromford. The power for this factory was supplied by a water wheel instead of horses. During this time many improvements were made to shorten the process of spinning wool. Arkwright kept an eye on these improvements and eventually made a machine combining many of them into a series. These engines, as he called them, were enough to take up another pattent on December 16, 1775. Improvements specified in the pattent were not invented by Arkwright but were actually borrowed from a number of different spinners. The spinners he borrowed the improvements continued to use their improvements even after the pattent was obtained. In 1781, Arkwright began to take action against these people for still using these improvements by suing them for pattent infringement. Unlike what would happen today, only one case was tried against Col. Mordaunt. Mordaunts defence was that Arkwright had never specified the inventions as required by law, theref making the pa ttent invalid. Soon after the trial, Arkwright published The Case. The object of The Case was to obtain from the Legislature an act of Parliament to guarantee Arkwright the pattent-right which had been invalidated by the trial in 1781. In The Case he attributed the invention of the jenny and the water frame to James Hargrave who infact only improved on the water frame. He also cleverly omitted Highs name from the paper, and Hargrave, who was dead, could not deny or approve of what was written. For those of you who have been wondering all this time about what the water frame exactly is, well, its not a drenched picture frame. Its really an improvement on a spinning machine called the spinning jenny. The jenny, however, was only able to spin transverse threads. The jennys inventor, Highs, believed he could produce a machine that could spin cotton to a degree of hardness and fineness required for logitudinal threads which had been made from foreign linnen yarn. Highs employed Kay to make the machine by giving him a model made of wood. .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .postImageUrl , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:hover , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:visited , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:active { border:0!important; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:active , .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ua5754176e6c768be9fcc4454a472d2ad:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The humanistic effect of the italian renaissance EssayThe water frame required a great deal of power to operate it, and could only be used to the advantage of factories,and only by specific factories with an available water source to turn the machine because the steam engine had not been invented at this point in time. This is where it got the name of water frame. The yarn spun on the water frame is twisted much harder than yarn spun on the jenny. Because of this, it is better adapted for warps or longitudinal threads. Highs tried to keep the water frame as secret as possible because, as was said, it was his favorite invention. He promised himself that he would take full advantage of it in the future. The spinning jenny he made public, but decided to keep the water frame secret until the time that he could raise enough money to have a factory built for it. Richard Arkwright is due some credit, for without him, the water frame would probably had a very slow and tedious introduction, or might have perished all together. Arkwright died in Cromford in August, 1792 at age 59. He came from a very low status in live and raised himself to the highest dignity in an extensive and influent country. He was universally respected and even now is remembered.

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Internal, External and Situational Influences on Consumer Behaviour

Internal, External and Situational Influences on Consumer Behaviour The products that will be focused on this assessment will be meat products including poultry, new and/or used passenger cars, property (housing units) and dairy products.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Internal, External and Situational Influences on Consumer Behaviour specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These four product purchases will be assessed for internal, external and situational influences to determine the type of consumer behaviour that accompanies the consumer’s decision process when purchasing any of these products. Purchase one Purchase one is meat and poultry products which are one of the most commonly bought products in the Australia. Based on 2006 statistics, meat and poultry products were the mostly commonly purchased products for many Australian consumers and the country was also able to export meat and poultry products to countries such as Europe and the United States for a total of $1.3 billion in exports (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2007). The most commonly purchased meat products include beef, red meat, veal, liver and kidney meat and sheep offal. The poultry products that are commonly sold to Australian consumers include chicken breasts, eggs, chicken wings which are available in many of the fast food restaurants in Australia and boneless chicken products. The average consumption of meat products in Australia averages more than 224 grams a day for each individual consumer while that of poultry products amounts to 200 grams per day (Minchin 2007).Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The internal, external and situational factors are those characteristics that influence or impact the purchasing behaviour of a consumer. The internal factors that affect a consumer’s purchasing behaviour include their personality traits , the psychological makeup of the consumer (what they think and feel when selecting products), the type of behaviour they demonstrate when buying products and how consumer motivation affects their decision strategies (East et al. 2008). The external factors that affect the purchasing decision of a consumer include influence from reference groups such as family members, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues, the quality and quantity of the product that is being purchased and the needs assessment of the product where the consumer is motivated to make a purchase decision for a product that will meet their needs (Tanner and Raymond 2010). The internal factors that affect the purchasing behaviour of meat and poultry product consumers include internal stimuli on the part of the consumer where they are compelled to buy meat because of a desire to eat meat products. The main motivation for Australian consumers to purchase meat and poultry products comes out of a desire to satisfy their hunger. Poultry products such as those sold in fast food restaurants like MacDonald’s and KFC are mostly bought with the main purpose of meeting the immediate hunger needs of consumers. The external stimulus that affects the purchase of meat and poultry products amongst Australian consumers include recommendations from reference groups who have purchased their meat products from certain supermarkets, meat delis, meat markets or other suppliers of meat products in the country (Lamb et al. 2009). These recommendations help the buyer of the product to determine whether the type of meat products sold in the recommended place will meet their dietary needs and also whether the meat or poultry is sold in a clean and refrigerated environment.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Internal, External and Situational Influences on Consumer Behaviour specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Recommendations also allow the consume r to ascertain whether there are any alternatives to meat or poultry products such as red meat or veal available in the local market. Situational factors are the temporary conditions that affect how buyers behave during the purchase decision making exercise (O’Dougherty 2007). Situational factors influence whether the consumer will actually buy a product or not from a retailer and what factors will affect their purchasing decision. The most common situational factors that affect the buying decisions of a consumer include physical factors such as the location of a store, general ambience and environment, social factors such as whether the product is good for the society and time factors such as how long it takes to purchase the product when the product is being purchased by the consumer (Tanner and Raymond 2010). The situational influences that affect the purchasing process of meat and poultry consumers include the physical location of the meat delis or stores as well as the g eneral ambience of the store. Stores that are convenient to the buyer with regards to accessibility and are generally clean are likely to influence their purchasing decision when compared to meat delis that are difficult to locate and access and also have dirty refrigerators and unclean floors (Tanner and Raymond 2010). Purchase Two The second purchase that will be assessed to determine the type of consumer behaviour employed by buyers when making their purchases is property or housing units which is a high involvement purchase for most consumers who decide to buy a house. Australia is among top countries in the world that are experiencing a thriving real estate market as many citizens and residents desire to become home owners. Many Australian cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are experiencing a boom in real estate as well as towns in the rural parts of the country.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More An increasing number of people both Australian citizens and people living abroad have become increasingly involved in owning their property because home ownership in Australia is a goal for most of these people. Currently over 70 percent of the population in Australia owns residential property while the rest are tenants pointing to the fact that real estate ownership is an important objective for most Australian citizens and residents. According to the Real Estate Perth Guide (2011) the increase in property acquisition and real estate investment in Australia has been attributed to two factors the first one of which is the growing Australian population seeking to purchase real estate property in many of the urban cities in Australia. These property buyers have begun to realise the importance of investing in the housing market as it is seen as a long term investment. The second factor that has led to the increase in property acquisition in the country is that a notable number of peopl e have begun putting their money into real estate property that is related to tourism. Tourism is one of the major economic drivers in Australia and such investments are deemed to yield considerable returns to people who decide to invest in the sector (Real Estate Perth Guide 2011). The internal factors that influence the purchase decision of property buyers include consumer motivation to purchase housing units. As mentioned earlier on in the discussion home ownership is an important goal for most Australian citizens where individuals are motivated to buy their own homes. There is therefore increased consumer motivation to acquire housing units with the single family residences being the most commonly sought after housing units in the country. Australian residents and citizens are also motivated to purchase their own housing units because of the investment opportunity these purchases present to them. Investing in the housing sector that is involved in tourism guarantees some signifi cant returns to these individuals (Real Estate Perth Guide 2011). The external factors that influence the purchasing decision of real estate property buyers in Australia include family and cultural influences where individuals who have families are influenced to purchase single family residences so that they can be able to meet the housing needs of their families. The demand for such housing units has continued to increase as more Australians with families seek to own their own residential houses. Family and cultural backgrounds have therefore played a major role in home acquisition in the country. Another external factor that affects the consumer’s behaviour when buying property includes the quality of the product that is being purchased. Housing units are of a high quality and they present a significant return on investment to consumers especially those who have decided to invest in the real estate sector related to tourism. The quality of the product therefore plays an imp ortant role in influencing the purchase behaviour of the consumer (Lantos 2011). The situational factors that will affect the purchasing decision of housing consumers is the physical factors which according to Tanner and Raymond (2010) affect what type of product the consumer will buy, when they will buy it and how much of it they will buy. Physical factors include the location of the property, the price or cost of purchasing the property and the type of housing that is on sale. Such physical factors will influence the purchasing behaviour of consumers who might for example want to buy housing units in the rural or urban areas of Australia or might want to buy apartments instead of single housing units (Hoyer and Macinnis 2010). Purchase Three The third purchase that will be assessed will be new and used cars which are high involvement purchases bought by consumers and buyers. Just like any other country in the world, Australia has a high car purchase rate that has seen many buyers as young as sixteen years old owning their own cars. The last statistics to be conducted in 1995 on the number of people who owned cars in Australia were able to reveal the number of passenger vehicles registered per 1,000 people which had increased from 250 from the previous year to 465. This increase was mostly attributed to the convenience and flexibility personally owned cars provided to their owners which made buying a car much easier. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the increase in passenger vehicle buyers was also attributed to the ease of accessing employment, education and health services where people who had their own cars were able to engage in these and other activities (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006). Owning a car in Australia is seen to be a necessity rather than a luxury based on the increasing number of people in the country who own cars. People who have their own modes of transportation find it relatively easier to conduct their various busi ness and/or personal functions without any form of hassles. This increasing need to have their own personal modes of transportation has contributed greatly to the purchase decision that car buyers go through when deciding to buy a car. Because cars are high involvement purchases, consumers have to evaluate the internal, external and situational factors that will come in to play when deciding to go through with their purchases (Tanner and Raymond 2010). The internal factors that will influence the purchase of either new or used cars will be the type of motivation that a consumer has to buy a new or used car. As highlighted in the previous paragraph car buyers in Australia buy cars for purposes of convenience and flexibility meaning that the car offers them with an opportunity to accomplish various activities. The motivation of the car buyer to purchase a car will therefore depend on either of these factors. Another internal factor will relate to the individual tastes of the consumer where the consumer will consider which car model and make suits their own personal tastes. The external factors that will affect the consumer decision to buy a car will be the type of lifestyle that exists in Australia which allows for every individual of the family to own a car as long as they are 18 years and over. Holden which is the main car manufacturer in Australia has been able to develop various car brands that are meant to suit the various lifestyles and culture of the Australians. Some of the cars produced by Holden Australia include Commodore, Camden, Astra, Holden Monaro Coupe and Chevrolet. The situational factor that will affect the buyer decision to purchase a car will be physical factors where the location of car auto-marts will influence whether a consumer wants to buy a car. The ease with which a potential car buyer locates a Holden store in their vicinity will play a major role in influencing their purchase decisions (Tanner and Raymond 2010). Purchase Four The fo urth purchase to be assessed in the study will be dairy products which according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2004) is the most intensive sector in the country. According to 2001 and 2002 statistics, consumers in the country drank approximately 18 percent of whole milk which was mostly produced in the state of Victoria. 50 percent of the country’s annual milk production was exported to other foreign countries such as the United States, Asia and Europe while the remaining percentage was sold to manufacturers of butter, cheese, cheddar and other dairy products. 2005-2006 statistics showed that the production of whole milk amounted to 10,092 millimetres while the consumption of whole milk and other dairy products such as cheese, skim milk powder, butter and casein amounted to 527 kt (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2007). Victoria is the dominant producer and supplier of milk as it accounts for 61 percent of milk production in the country. The states of New South Wales and Queensland both account for 22 percent of the milk supply in the country while Tasmania accounts for 7 percent of milk production and dairy products. The high production of milk and milk products in the country has made dairy products to be easily available to many Australian consumers in the local market regardless of their income levels within the country. Milk and dairy products are therefore common purchases for many average consumers in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2004). The internal factors that will affect the consumer buying decision will be the motives of the individual dairy consumer that will be borne out of the desire to purchase dairy products which have been identified as a staple food source in the Western diet. Milk and other dairy products provide consumers with Calcium and other vital nutrients that support bone formation. Consumers might decide to buy dairy products because of this reason as well as the staple source of food that these products provide to consumers. The personal tastes of the individual might also determine dairy product purchases where consumers who want to buy high quality cheese and cheddar are influenced because of their desire for quality products. Consumers who do not have high quality preferences might decide to purchase the lower value dairy products because they do not attach a particular preference to their purchases (Tanner and Raymond 2010). The external factors that will influence the buyer’s decision to buy milk will be socio-cultural factors where as mentioned earlier on dairy products are the staple source of food for many westernised countries. The household budget will also affect the consumer’s decision to buy dairy products such as cheese and butter as some brands of these products are manufactured for high-end buyers. The situational factors that will influence the purchase of milk and dairy products will be time factors where the time of day will dete rmine whether a consumer will buy milk. Most dairy products are usually consumed in the morning for breakfast which means that the buyer’s decision to buy milk will be high if they make their purchase decision in the morning. References Australian Bureau of Statistics (2004) The Australian dairy industry. Available at:[emailprotected]/Previousproducts/1301.0Feature%20Article182004?opendocumenttabname=Summaryprodno=1301.0issue=2004num=view= Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006) Australian social trends, 1996. Available at:[emailprotected]/2f762f95845417aeca25706c00834efa/71DFDE1556ED2AB7CA2570EC0073F3E1 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (2007). Australian food statistics  2006. Canberra, Sydney: Food and Agriculture Division East, R., Wright, M., and Vanhuele, M., (2008) Consumer behaviour: applications in  marketing. London: Sage Publications Hoyer, W.D., and Macinnis, D.J., (2010) Consumer behaviour. Mason, Ohio : South Western Cengage Learning Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F., and McDaniel, C., (2009) Essentials of marketing. Mason, Ohio: South Western Cengage Lantos, G.P., (2011) Consumer behaviour in action: real-life applications for marketing  managers. New York: M.E. Sharpe Incorporated Minchin, L., (2007) Limit meat eating to tackle climate change: study. Available at: O’Dougherty, D., (2007) Consumer behaviour. Cape Town, South Africa: Pearson Education South Africa Real Estate Perth Guide (2011) Australian property: guide to buying property in  Australia. Available at: Tanner, J., and Raymond, M.A., (2010) Principles of marketing. New York: Flat World Knowledge

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Obesity in Oklahoma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Obesity in Oklahoma - Essay Example In 2009, Oklahoma spent approximately $1,721,000 in dealing with illness related directly to obesity whereby together with overweight these cases afflict about 67.1% of the entire population. Medical studies attribute the increasing trend of obesity cases with sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits that characterize numerous Oklahomans. Therefore, this study seeks to address obesity issue currently afflicting Oklahomans and suggest appropriate approaches meant to curb it by embracing active lifestyle, healthy eating habits and public sensitization concerning the menace. If Oklahomans intends to evade high costs of both treating and managing obesity predicament, they ought to embrace active lifestyle (â€Å"INTEGRIS Health†). This is contrary to their current sedentary lifestyles resulting from overreliance on cars, trucks and buses. This is especially when commuting from one place to another irrespective of the distance, for instance, from their residential areas to work whereas students to schools. According to medical studies, inactivity is one of the major contributing factors that heightens the prevalence of obesity whereby in avoiding medical practitioners advocate regular exercises (â€Å"INTEGRIS Health†). Therefore, Oklahomans need to stop their life’s inactivity and embark on regular exercises even if it implies some to commute to their varied places through walking. This is advisable for numerous people including students whose destinations are nearby such that it is not a mandatory to use vehicles. In addition, the e lderly people including retirees ought to devise a daily routine meant for their respective exercises (â€Å"INTEGRIS Health†). This is because numerous people at this stage end up experiencing lack of exercise related illness like diabetes because most them prefer sedentary lifestyle citing it is their time to rest. Parents and teachers should also encourage their children to exercise on daily basis making them take part in